Welcome to Mount Enterprise.com


This site was once and will be again the home of businesses, opportunities, events, and other community information.

In 2009 this site was put on hold as I had other adventures to follow.

This site was never and will never be the official site of the City of Mount Enterprise or The Mount Enterprise Municipal Court.

In 2005-2010 I was affiliated with the city as I served as a councilmember and Mayor Pro-Tem and held the brief position of Associate Judge.

It was during that time that I donated my time and paid for all expenses for the domain www.mountenterprise.us . I let my mountenterprise.com site host the mte.us site until the city agreed to pay the hosting fees. When the city no longer wanted to pay these fees, the site was taken down. Due to search engines, some of the links remained although the site is inactive. I have no control of old links that remain on the internet.  I have made requests to search engines to remove these old links to stop any confusion.

Anyone can make request or update their information when there is a need.


Thank You,


Gaylan Hearn